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The map was super easy to customize, then when I received it, it made the most AMAZING gift ever. My hubby loved it!! He said no one had ever gotten him anything this thoughtful in years. I'm so happy and so glad to have stumbled upon these gifts. Would recommend it to anyone!

Helen Torfeld 19 of June. 2018

Such and amazing idea to make a thoughtful gift for my soon to be husband on our wedding day! Can't wait to give it to him!

Kaleigh Vineis 19 of June. 2018


Ashna 19 of June. 2018

Easy to follow process

Pablo 19 of June. 2018

This place is great. Came to the website to start a tradition for my wedding and get a street map of every place we will live or have lived!

Graham Mann 18 of June. 2018

Great Idea! Love it.

Kaitlyn 18 of June. 2018

Beautiful way to create an artistic map

Federico 18 of June. 2018

Great idea - we can't wait to receive our order. When designing the map, I would have preferred the map to scroll with the page as I was making selections, rather than have to scroll back up each time. Otherwise, very easy to use.

katie grassick 18 of June. 2018

Great variety!

Artur 18 of June. 2018

Muy bonito

Judith 18 of June. 2018

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