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About Us

Our Story

A couple of years ago, I visited the beautiful countries of Switzerland and Austria. I visited a few boutique shops on my travels and some of the most striking pieces of art on their walls weren’t paintings, but maps of their own respective regions. Since I was packing light, I wasn’t able to bring back many souvenirs from my travels. The trip was transformative and therapeutic for me, and I realized a large deal about myself during and in the period following my trip.

After begrudgingly returning to California, I desperately wanted something similar to the maps that I frequently saw in local shops during my travel. I stayed in a beautiful town outside of Zurich, Switzerland - and wanted a map of that town to commemorate my trip. I decided to look on the internet for prints of the town I stayed in, but was not able to find any print that matched my exact preferences.

I started in early 2017 with a business partner. We both share the vision of bringing customized maps to friends, family, and the world. We came up with the slogan “Bring your adventures from anywhere, everywhere”, because we love sharing exactly where we’ve been, who we’ve been there with, and the memories that come along the way.

We own the process from start to finish, operating with printers from New York and San Francisco. We are also enlisting local artists from different regions to help us develop new styles and designs of maps for the future. All prints are made custom, and in the United States.

Our mission is for our community to be able to relive their experiences, give the gift of a memory, or just explore the world via a custom printed map! That’s why we created We would love to print a custom map just for you!

Humphrey Yang, Co-Founder

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